Frequently asked Questions

How do I rent movies?
Learn more here. Simply sign up for an account, then browse the selection from all stores.

How do I become a store?
Becoming a store takes just two quick steps. Once logged in, click on the Store tab. You’ll be prompted to set up your store profile, then add your items. Now you’re all set to earn money and/or rental credit from your collection!

How do I exchange DVDs and games?
iLetYou follows the belief that most of the time you buy your favorite DVDs and games. You can rent new DVDs and games, without risk of trading off your favorites, for as little as $1.18 simply by renting one of your items.
iLetYou lets you see more movies, play more games and much, much more with your hard earned money.

What can I rent on iLetYou?
You can currently rent DVDs or video games on iLetYou. Whether it’s big budget blockbusters, independent films, bestselling games or your own independently produced material, we welcome you to list your items for rent. You can choose from our wide catalog or create your own (subject to review).

Who is behind iLetYou?
iLetYou was founded by two Internet veterans, Rodger Visitacion and Vaibhav Domukundwar, in early 2006 with the vision of opening rental boundaries everywhere. The founders have founded several well-known e-commerce, Web 2.0 and applications companies in their past lives.

What’s the need for iLetYou?
In the Internet age, rental markets have endured a very large amount of change. This has expanded the consumer’s choices by allowing access in stores, by mail and on devices. Before iLetYou, there was no central place to access the widest and most varied set of choices anywhere – personal and small collections. By industry estimates, the boldest example is 10 billion DVDs in US households alone. iLetYou sets out to change this.

As a customer and store, am I safe?

iLetYou will provide dispute resolution to the fullest extent possible. You are also protected by a growing, self- policing community. All ratings are public to all and ratings are only removed in valid cases of duplication or falsification.

Do I need a special license to rent my DVDs and video games?

Under copyright law, there is no special license required to rent DVDs or video games you own for home use. All items for rent on iLetYou are specified for home use only. If a renter screens a movie to a large audience for commerical purposes, he or she would be breaking the law, not you.

How does iLetYou make money?
iLetYou takes a small percentage of every sale, but gives stores the vast majority of the revenue to make their stores work for them. These fees per rental are as little as $0.40 per rental – and for this, stores get a robust platform including payment processing that allows stores to focus solely on stocking great products.

There are no listing fees (except for optional featured listings) – we make money only when you make money.

What if my discs are lost or damaged in the mail?
If you have an excessive amount of damage, we can refund some or all of your iLetYou fees as a courtesy. However, breakage or other loss is a VERY small fraction of all rent-by-mail transactions, so it’s generally not a problem.

What’s with the name?
iLetYou encompasses our company’s vision of open distribution in one succinct and fun name. The verb “to let” strictly means “to give permission or opportunity to”. It’s synonymous with rent, but rent generally conjures up pictures of bounced rent checks, eviction notices and late fees. Our goal is to remove all the barriers of letting and rental and focus on the fun aspects of utilizing more great things in the world.

How do I mail my DVDs and games?
You can now order 2-way Disc mailers at a very economical cost, as designed for the top rent-by-mail company. This is the iLetYou recommended mailing method.

The cost of mailers is $190 for a case of 1,000 plus applicable shipping by UPS ground. Please e-mail supplies –at — iletyou.com for ordering supplies, further options or questions.