About Us

Reinventing Renting

iLetYou was founded by two entreprenuers, Rodger Visitacion and Vaibhav Domukundwar, in early 2006 with the vision of opening rental boundaries everywhere. We have offices in San Diego and San Jose.

In the Internet age, rental markets have endured a very large amount of change.  This has expanded the consumer’s choices by allowing access in stores, by mail and on devices. Before iLetYou, there was no central place to access the widest and most varied set of choices anywhere – personal and small collections. By industry estimates, the boldest example is 10 billion DVDs in US households alone.

iLetYou is built by its users. Users are encouraged to take advantage of iLetYou as a rental and exchange medium. Our users see more movies, play more games, save money, make more money and have more fun. The iLetYou platform is truly about fun – hopefully you can see the hard work and joy that every single team member has put into it.

iLetYou currently supports DVDs and games in the US from a wide selection of stores, small shops and individuals. You’ll find a growing number of large stores, but we take extra joy in this community that enables the thrill of finding more of those rare, but cherished items than any old single store.

iLetYou plans to expand the platform to accommodate additional verticals and countries. Specific details will be announced when available.

Participate in the conversation at iLetYou Blog. We welcome your feedback – please feel free to contact us through other means as well.